Bridge Etiquette

Newbies Bridge Club Etiquette

All players must familiarise themselves with the proper bridge etiquette detailed below.  For practical help for following these etiquette rules, why not join either our Beginners Bridge Classes or Bridge Improvers Classes.

  1. Dont pass information to your partner buy any means OTHER than by the bids you make and the cards you play.
  2. Dont try to signal your partner by hesitant bidding or any other physical mannerisms or facial expressions.  This is NOT legal in bridge.
  3. Keep a calm demeanor and be courteous to your partner and opponents.
  4. You must NOT:
    • vary the formulae used to make a bid
    • pass or double too quickly or too slowly
    • be tardy when making a call which may help give information to your partner
    • Use facial expressions to show approval or disapproval of your partner’s call or play
    • Say anything that may infer something to your partner
    • Pass on any information regarding an incident of the auction or play
    • Volunteer any information which should be given only in response to a question
    • Request, on behalf of another player, a review of the bidding or of cards payed to a trick
    • Draw attention to the score, except for your own information
    • Draw attention to the number of tricks needed to complete or defeat the contract
    • Play a card with special emphasis
    • Delay playing when the play does not need to be considered
    • Take a card from someone’s hand before it is their turn to play
    • Arrange a card in their hand in a manner that their partner may infer a meaning
    • Watch the place in a player’s hand from where a card is drawn and drawing any meaning from this
    • Make a gratuitous comment during the play regarding the auction, the adequacy of the contract or the nature of the hand.