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I have been fortunate enough to work from home since my first child was born.  Just after her 1st birthday, I got a job working from home as an audio transcription typist.  I fit this job in when my kids were at kindy, having naps, or when they were in bed at night.

For the last 9 years I have been working as a home based office manager for a small industry association (part-time again).

Working from home has given me the flexibility of working when I want and I have been able to participate in school activities and sports days for my kids because of it.  The money is not too bad and my boss pretty much let’s me get on with it.

Working from home in the future

According to the 2012 Survey of Working Life (Statistics New Zealand) study “While it is still relatively rare for people to work predominantly or solely from home, the 2012 Survey of Working Life showed that almost a third of all employed people had spent some time working at home over the four weeks before being surveyed.”

I can’t find any accurate figures on how many New Zealanders work from home.  But I peruse the job adverts on a daily basis and work from home opportunities come up more often than you would think.

In fact, recently the Ministry of Justice asked staff in their collections department to participate in a work from home trial.  It was deemed successful enough that when the trial finished, the Department restructured and now all their collections staff work from home.

Also, during the recent earthquakes in 2016 in Wellington, with many buildings out of action waiting for engineering and earthquake reports, many workers were able to work remotely from home.  Since the 2014 earthquakes businesses learned hard lessons about not being able to access their work place and took steps to ensure that in the event of another ‘event’ their staff could work from home and keep businesses up and running.



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  1. As someone who is self employed and also works from home I found it very interesting reading your own experiences. I can also attest to fact that it offers much more flexibility with life. While I don’t have to balance work with children, it is helpful for working around study and the fact that I live with a chronic illness.

    I found the statistics quite fascinating and believe it will be the way forward for a lot of companies. Personally I don’t think I could go back to working in such a strict structure that goes with working in an office. I fully intend on remaining self employed for this reason.


    1. Yes working from home is convenient in many circumstances. Perhaps one of the downsides is not having a lot of face to face people contact. Still I have found it useful when I am unwell, or if the kids were unwell.


  2. I think in this day and age it shouldn’t be an issue for people to work from home. We are all so connected these days it is actually really hard to switch off and employers know this. Which is why they are more than happy to provide work phones and remote access options. However I have encountered a few bosses that are hesitant about this and insist on having everyone in the office. Maybe its the lack of control they don’t like having? What do you think?


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