Selling Collectibles Online

You only have to check out Trademe, Ebay and Etsy to see that there are plenty of people buying and selling antiques and collectibles online.  It makes sense, right?  You don’t have to worry about leasing a shop with all of the expense that involves. There is a larger, possibly world wide market out there, why limit yourself to foot traffic past a shop?

I recently started selling items that I had collected from various opportunity shops over the years.  My home is small and I have nowhere to display these beauties.  They are great pieces, but in the end no one is appreciating or even seeing them.  To my practical way of thinking, why not sell them to someone who really appreciates them?

Using Trademe and Ebay Australia I have sold some items successfully.  However, on checking the profit of each sale I found that it was greatly eroded by set up and then success fees, and in the case of Ebay, having to pay a percentage to Paypal as well.  It doesn’t help that now opportunity shops know the value of what they are selling, and are selling collectible items at close to market rate.

I even set up an Etsy account, however once they asked for payment for the set up fees, I stopped and rethought my strategy.

I decided to list a set of four Japanese black and gold porcelain tea cups that I had collected on a local suburban buy/sell/swap Facebook page.  It then gave me the option of posting it to another similar but city-wide page and then also on to Facebook Marketplace.


It took a few weeks, but the cups finally sold.  For a small profit and with no other costs involved.  This has encouraged me to list some more items and see what happens.  Maybe the pink and gold Carltonware bowl!  Or even the gray and white Carltonware cruet set.

Funnily enough, even though I am happy to sell on line, I don’t buy these items online.  I prefer to rummage at the local op shop and really see what I am buying.  It’s more than half the fun.


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  1. What an interesting article. I sometimes watch the episodes on TV where they go and find all these old things and what they think they will sell it for. I personally do not see value in most old things, but your blog shows that it is a thriving community trying to preserve history.

    I had over a thousand old books that were decades out of print, but nobody but the local library wanted it. I replaced most of them with digital copies which just shows that some items hold their value and some do not.


    1. Yes, I really love the Antiques Roadshow and get a kick out of seeing people who bought something at a car boot sale for 50p and then find it’s worth hundreds of pounds. What great luck that would be. However the other side of the coin is when people think they have picked up something valuable, and either it turns out not to be, or sometimes they prove to be fake.


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