Bridge etiquette – Getting the Directors attention

It’s just good manners!  

Bridge is a game known for it’s skilled strategies and a long list of rules.

It’s also known for it’s strong commitment to fair play, good manners and etiquette!

But, in all situations the Golden Rule is always courtesy.  Courtesy to your partner, your competitors and to the Director of the game.

In this series of blogs, we will outline the procedures for good bridge etiquette in different playing situations.  Below is our first etiquette guide.

Bridge Etiquette for getting the Bridge Director’s attention

How to correctly address the Director when playing a hand:

  • First notify the table (your partner and competitors) that you wish to check something with the Director.
  • Then raise your hand and turn in the direction of where the Director is standing, and say in a friendly and clear voice ‘Director, please’.
  • Leave your hand raised until you know that the Director has seen you.
  • The director will then come over to your table and you can then discuss the issue with them.

It is normally not necessary to say this a second time as the Director may be addressing another player and will come and see you when they are finished.  But, if it looks like they have not heard you, you should then repeat your request in a courteous but clear voice.

Manners and courtesy make bridge a pleasure to learn and play.  Please take these links for find out more about Newbies Bridge Club Rules and Etiquette.



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