Newbies Bridge Club celebrates it’s opening

Auckland Mayor opens Newbies Bridge Club in Takapuna

On Sunday we welcomed the Mayor, and a crowd of 200, to the grand opening of Newbies Bridge Club in Takapuna.

The Mayor praised the Organising Committee for their commitment to this new community facility.

Club President John Smith, also thanked the Organising Committee and the local community for their dedication and hard work in helping get the club rooms in good shape for bridge play.

John made special mention of local resident and knight in shining armour, Reg Smith who first suggested the North Shore Workingmen’s club rooms as a possible venue for the club.

A tasty barbecue was followed by the Mayor officially cutting the ribbon and opening the club rooms for everyone to view.


Our club members handed out flyers for bridge lessons to local residents.

Auckland Bridge Clubs attend opening of new Takapuna club

Members of other Auckland Bridge clubs attended this event in good numbers.  They were impressed with the hard work it had taken to transform the old Workingmen’s club rooms into a modern and comfortable place to play bridge.  These other clubs are looking forward to adding Newbies Bridge Club to the Auckland interclub bridge calendar.

Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful day possible!



  1. Great to hear about the opening of a Bridge Club in Takapuna. I have always wanted to learn to play Bridge.Not only that I will be able to meet new friends by joining the club. Looks like I will be heading to Takapuna Newbies Bridge club in the near future! All the best for the future!

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  2. Hi Priyanthi thanks for those very positive comments about our Grand Opening. it was a great day for our members. If you are looking to come along and check out the club, I would suggest going to our home page ( which has all of our contact information (including our Club Manager, Claire Patterson) and information on learning to play bridge, which is how many of our members start at the club. If you already know how to play bridge, there is a also link bridge improvement lessons and how to formally join the club. Whatever avenue you choose, you will be very welcome at our club.

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  3. Hi.

    Congratulations on the grand opening of your new bridge club. It looks like it was a fantastic event.

    I have been planning on setting up a bridge club in my community and would love to catch up with one of your team about how you did it.

    Also, where can I get a pair of those fantastic scissors?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Bridge Fan


    1. Hi Bridge Fan

      Thanks for the kind words. It was a great day, and those scissors certainly were heavy.

      Great news that someone else wants to set up a bridge club in their area. I wont deny it was hard work and took a lot of commitment, but it was all worth it on opening day.

      Our club manager, Claire Patterson, will be happy to give you any information you need on setting up a bridge club. The process was well documented so I am sure we can help you. Give Claire a call or email her. Here is the link to our home page with all the contact details

      Good luck and thanks again.


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